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I am Arik Yavilevich and AY Garage Ltd is my technology consulting practice. I am driven by a desire to innovate and build new and disruptive technologies. I started writing code at the age of 9. Midway in my career I have done senior level R&D management roles, mostly in startups. Overall I have over 20 years of experience dealing with difficult software- and hardware-related challenges. Nowadays, as a consultant/freelancer, I am helping others achieve their goals. I will be happy to provide my services and bring value to you or your company.

One advantage of working with me is that for small projects I can quickly build an end-to-end, multi-disciplinary system myself where otherwise you would need a team with additional overhead. For larger projects I can work with your team or form a team with some of my associates (with your approval) to compliment any needed missing skills. Either way, I am not a junior and can be productive very quickly. Please contact us to tell me about your needs.

Visit my tech blog to read about what I like to tinker with.


Software and hardware