Open source projects and contributions

I love open source. Solutions can often be based on existing leading open source projects saving time and money. Custom modifications can be added where novel functionality is needed.

Projects – script to detect common Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules that are used with Arduino – firmware for a controller that adds smart home capability to an existing, non-smart control panel – React UI to display real-time position information (GPS) of a LoRa tracker – firmware for a device to alert when a child is unintentionally left in a vehicle – integration of Home Assistant and D-Link routers – firmware that performs sound level measurement and frequency analysis on the most basic Arduino boards

Contributions – fixed some issues in FreeNAS that prevented proper synchronization between VMware snapshots and zfs snapshots – added support for emulating a USB touch device – added support for properly communicating over infra-red (IR) with air conditioners (ACs) that use toggle codes in their protocol