Here are some ideas on how I can help. It is possible that I can contribute in other topics as well. It is best to inquire. Worst case you will get a free advice.

Project suggestions

  • Solve technical problems and design technological solutions
  • Automate and improve existing processes
  • Make prototypes and implement proofs of concept
  • Find less expensive and/or open-source alternatives to existing solutions
  • Troubleshoot existing processes
  • Help find, interview and hire technical contractors and employees
  • Perform third party reviews of deliveries, code reviews and mentorship
  • Manage out-sourced and remote resources
  • Look at a broad aspect of possible solutions
  • Integration of various systems (even when they are not meant to be natively connected)
  • Perform technological evaluation of your or competitor’s services

Fields of experience

  • Software and hardware
  • IoT, electronics, micro controllers, prototype PCB design
  • Wireless communication, Bluetooth, BLE, cellular, general RF, software defined radio
  • Internet/cloud services, web protocols
  • Reverse engineering of protocols
  • IT, cyber security, networking, virtualization, integrations
  • Web, mobile and desktop applications
  • Drones
  • Accurate global positioning, RTK
  • Image processing and computer vision
  • Video streaming, video processing, WebRTC
  • Automation

Preferred stack

  • Nordic Semiconductor or Espressif MCUs/SoCs
  • Zephyr, Arduino or ESP-IDF frameworks
  • AWS IoT cloud services
  • Node.js for back-end logic

Mini curriculum vitae