Portfolio examples

Here are few examples of previous projects

Wearable device – DarkHorse

DarkHorse is a startup company leveraging cutting edge technologies to provide a holistic data driven perspective for youth sports players.

Developed firmware for a wearable device that tracks an athlete’s performance.

Key technologies: Cellular, CAT-M1, nRF9160, Zephyr, GPS, GNSS, AWS IoT Core.


Digital signage controller – Signage startup

Developed firmware to control an LED matrix panel over BLE.

Key technologies: ESP32, BLE, DMA.

Location tracker – Tracking equipment company

Developed firmware for a nRF52 SOM that was part of a tracking product of a global company.

Key technologies: nRF52832/40, Zephyr, BLE, OTA, MQTT, AWS IoT Core.

Drone remote control service – FlyThere

A startup company offering “drones over the internet” service for entertainment use cases.

Realtime remote control of drones over the internet while receiving HD video of the drone’s camera. Collision prevention and modeling of flight path.

Key technologies: Modified DJI drones, WebRTC, Video processing, RTK, GNSS, Algorithms, RF communication.


Safety monitoring device – Fochica

A prize-winning social entrepreneurship project.

Fochica, forgotten child in car alert, is a no hassle, low cost and extensible system that alerts parents if they unintentionally leave a child in a vehicle.

A combination of a hardware device installed in a car and an Android application. Triggering an alarm on the parent’s smartphone if he/she leaves the vehicle while a child seat is occupied.

Key technologies: Microprocessors, Sensors, Android, Bluetooth (BLE), Circuit and PCB design.


Web analytics service – ClickTale

A startup company offering a SaaS web analytics service.

Collecting very high-resolution data from browsers about the way visitors use a website of a customer. Processing this data in the backend and generating visual reports about how the website is used by users.

Key technologies: Javascript, Data processing and analysis, Algorithms.


Music processing device – Haptic feedback startup

Developed a device that processes incoming music signal using propriety algorithms and then actuates various actuators in response.

Key technologies: AVR, haptic actuators and motors, LED panels, signal processing.

Wireless controller – Lighting equipment company

Company that upgrades old-school studio lighting equipment to one that has remote control capability.

Worked with their team to add Bluetooth support to their offering.

Key technologies: Bluetooth, Micro-controllers.

Measurement device – IoT startup

Startup company that develops a multi-sensor measurement device. Enables the user to easily measure various geometrical properties of a space.

Worked with their director of product to make a proof of concept and a demo unit.

Key technologies: Sensors, Micro-controllers, Range finders, 3D printing and modeling.